Our Friends and Neighbours


Association for the Protection of Rural Metchosin, This is what Metchosin is really all about. Farming and rural life on the edge of "The Big City".

The Conservation Connection, On-line network of conservation and stewardship organizations working in the Capital Regional District.

Water Quality of Glen Lake, 1981-1995. British Columbia Government study of water quality of Glen Lake.

Hagan Creek, runs through Central Saanich, Mount Newton area.

Sooke Net

Bowker Creek Initiative  A very "urbanized" stream being restored in Oak Bay and Saanich near Victoria.

Capitol Regional District

West Coast Environmental Law Association

Kidfish B.C.

The B.C. Salmon Page

Pearson College of the Pacific

Marine Ecology Station at Cowichan Bay

Caring for Our Shores, Marine Handbook

Langford Municipal Site

Victoria Green Pages

Veins of Life Watershed Society is a community-based environmental organization operating in the Capital Region District of Southern Vancouver Island.

Give Water a Hand, Make a Splash, for young people taking action in their community

Whirling Disease, the question is not if it will strike the fish here, it is when!


Vancouver Island.com, Everything you need to visit our corner of paradise.