Newsletter of the Bilston Watershed Habitat Protection Association

June 1997, Volume 4, no. 2.

The Annual General Meeting was held on April 28, 1997. In attendance was Lanny Seaton, councilor from Langford, as well as Karen Watson, Natexa Verbrugge, Cathy Watson, and Bob Mitchell from Metchosin.

Annual General Meeting:

Following the introduction and presentation of the agenda, Kym Hill gave the Presidents Report. This was presented as a slide show illustrating our works in progress for the past year. Some very nice photos of the Martin Brook project and the Winter Road project highlighted the main efforts we have been engaged in. The process used at Winter road to use cedar logs and root wads to provide an undercut bank was illustrated clearly. Also shown was our work with the Provincial Environmental Youth teams and some pictures from the Picnic held on B.C. River’s day at the South Vancouver Island Rangers grounds on Luxton road.

Dave Houseman presented the Treasurers report. We have applied for further funding from the Urban Salmonid Enhancement Program which will allow us to complete the Winter road project.

The Friend of the Stream award was presented this year to Fred and Christine Willing for their commitment to preserving a portion of the stream. They have sold part of their property to Langford for a Park at a very reasonable price. The award is a framed photo of the stream at this location.

Elections for Directors for the year were held. This year they are Kym Hill, Cal Webb, Ian McKenzie, Dave Houseman, and Bernie Morris.

Following a break for coffee and cookies Karen Watson gave us a talk on the progress of the "Bilston Watershed Plan". There was a lively discussion with the audience including encouraging comments by Lanny Seaton of Langford.


A Reminder that all memberships are due on May 1 and many renewals are still outstanding. Remittance of membership dues is of great importance to the association's continuing work. A significant number of fully paid up members of the local community is needed to show our commitment to the health and the future of the Bilston Watershed. Please send dues cheque payable to B.W.H.P.A. to us c/o Ian McKenzie, 1139 Lippincott rd, Victoria, V9C 2Z6.

Summer Plans:

Premier Glen Clark and Environment Minister Cathy McGregor have just announced that we are to receive a grant from the Urban Salmonid Enhancement Program. This will allow us to continue several projects namely;

Extend enhancement works at the Winter rd. site.

Continued rebuild of habitat at Martin Brook and Scott Pond.

Broom control study near Winter rd.

Research fully the "Grey" water problem at Bilston/Firehall confluence and implement solution if feasible.

Further fish inventory data.

Continue water quality monitoring.

Increase education and public awareness programs such as "Streamkeepers" and "Environmental Youth Team".

Continue work with the "Bilston Watershed Management Team".


Current Events around the stream:

Good Things

New Parkland for part of Willing property in Happy Valley.

Metchosin Municipality has received $12,000.00 to fund completion and implementation of "Bilston Watershed Management Plan".

Many fingerling cutthrout trout may now be seen in the pools at Martin Brook.

Not so Good Things

Driveway and bridge being built across creek at the corner of Humpback and Sooke Highway with no permit.

More fill continues to be dumped on the property at corner of Luxton and Finney roads without permit.



For Sale

We still have a number of "Tee" shirts available, medium and large sizes, for $15.00 each. Dark green with logo.

Book titled "Protecting British Columbia’s Wetlands", a citizen’s guide, by the "West Coast Environmental Law Research Foundation", $5.00 each.

Video tape of the excavation and rebuilding of the "Winter road Enhancement Project". Price to be set, but it will be quite reasonable.