Firehall Creek at Luxton Fairgrounds

August 31, 2005 Students from Pearson College spent a busy morning pulling out undesirable gorse, broom, and blackberry bushes from the stream bank. The gorse is particulairly difficult to control as it grows back from the smallest roots or shoots left behind from previous pulling. As can be seen in the photo though, many other desirable plants are growing nicely.


planting willow slips

March 5'th 2005. Planting willows along the lower bank of the stream. During the summer of 2004 it was found that adult cutthroat trout were being trapped in the remnant pools left as the stream slowly dried up. By planting large willows and tying them across the stream we hope to shade the area and reduce the evaporation and water temperature. With the extensive channelizing done here there is no longer much of any cover, however, a large area of clean gravel was exposed. The trout found this and used it as a spawning area, but then became trapped.  



Participant's Sign in Fairgrounds Parking Lot
This part of Firehall Creek runs through the Luxton Fairgrounds Parking area, just west of the
intersection of Happy Valley road and Sooke Highway. Terasen Gas has installed a gas
supply pipeline along the Galloping Goose Trail which adjoins the creek here. As part of
Terasen's community projects it was decided to improve this section of the stream. This area
was badly infested with non-native gorse, which restricted the growth of other more desireable
native plants.


terasen_crd_team.jpg (58542 bytes)
The team of workers from C.R.D. Parks and Terasen Gas. They have been pulling
out the gorse bushes you can see piled up behind them.