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Metchosin Road Bridge Replacement

below bridge

Metchosin municipality and the Province of B.C. are going to replace the bridge over the Bilston Creek on Metchosin road. The posts holding it up are in good condition, but the concrete spans are noticeably crumbling away. Work is scheduled to begin in June of 2005. This is located just above where the stream plunges over a 100 foot high waterfall, called "Sitting Lady Falls" directly into the Pacific Ocean. The plan is to replace the bridge with a steel and concrete culvert. A major problem will then be the passage of wildlife. It is unlikely birds or deer will move through a culvert, even though a "walkway" may be built along one side. However, this will provide an opportunity to enhance the downstream banks, where they are presently being eroded away. As with many changes, there are always pluses and minuses.


Firehall Creek, Luxton Fairgrounds North Parking Lot

Terasen Gas Inc. has installed a gas pipeline down the Galloping Goose Trail and has volunteered to undertake riparian restoration along a section of Firehall Creek. They have the support of the "Metchosin Farmers' Institute", CRD Parks, Arbutus Grove Nursery, and of course, the "Bilston Watershed Habitat Protection Association. The proposal is to remove the non-native vegetation, (almost entirely gorse), and the significant accumulation of garbage, from the stream banks. Work will begin at the small C.R.D. parks footbridge on the north end of the Luxton Fairgrounds parking lot, and continue for approximately 200 meters to the small vehicle crossing bridge at the south end. The area is then to be replanted with native plants. Application has been made to Langford Municipal Council for required permits, and for donation of trash containers and for their removal. The B.W.H.P.A. will contribute volunteers to assist in the work, and to water the new plants from time to time, as we had done for the "Martin Brook" project.

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