Annual General Meeting 2002

The 2002 Annual General Meeting was held on May 22 in the "Middleton Hall" on Luxton Fairgrounds. First report given was the Treasurers. To summarize, the end result is that we now have NO money.

Next was the Secretary report, given by Ian McKenzie. This described the "Riffle" project completed last September and outlined a plan to work with a development project in the Happy Valley, Whireshire, Walfred road area in the "Glen Lake Corners" and covering the upper section of Firehall creek.

The President's report, by Kym Hill was next. Described was the project of the Metchosin Municipal council, the "Bilston Action Team". A great deal of effort was put into this, but in the end it all came to nothing. No consensus could be reached. The creation of a new pamphlet, "How to be a Conservationist by doing Nothing" was explained.

Talk Given by Andy McKinnon, a director of the "Habitat Acquisition Trust" on the function of the "Trust" and how land may be protected. Karen Hurley followed him with a slide show of a project done on Tod Creek in Saanich with an elementary school class.

Following a short break, the election of officers was held. The directors for this year will be Kym Hill, David Houseman, Ian McKenzie, and Bernie Morris.